Alumni Association

Alumni Association

An Alumni Association is a group of graduates or former students of same institution. These former students work for association and organise social events to raise funds for the institute. Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help the institute. DAK PG College proudly decided to form its Alumni Association in the year 2007. The mission statement of the association is “To Contribute” and goal is improvement and development of the institute. The association focuses on:

  • To develop and help in maintaining active alumni interaction and enhance the image of institution
  • To enhance and maintain links among members.
  • To provide support to library with treasured books.
  • To provide free membership to the former students.

The very step taken to complete this herculean task was to meet informally with alumnus. The institute started in 1960 and we had no such association before. So it was not easy to collect our alumnus. The first steps taken were:

  • Meeting informally with Alumnus.
  • Obtain a geographic listing of members.
  • Telephone and personally meet with alumnus.
  • Directly asking for their participation.
  • Contact with schools, colleges and offices.
  • Notices and announcements in our college.
  • Personal contacts.
  • Data available in the institute.
  • Advertisement in the local newspapers.

In the second phase letters were mailed to interested candidates and they were requested to send their details and information regarding career advancement. Then an informal meeting was organised with alumni who show their interest in the formation of association. In this meeting three main points were discussed

  • Objectives of the organisation
  • Membership
  • Meetings and programmes.

Then on a fine day this association saw daylight with few members but a lot of enthusiasm. In the beginning funds were arranged by the institute only. We celebrated our first ALUMNI MEET on 23 DEC. 2009 successfully and proud to announce that we were the pioneer in the university to form association. The main focus of the association is communication among former students and college had to gather their data. Some of our prestigious Alumni are:

  • A long list of teachers, Librarians and office bearers which include our Library incharge Ruchi Agarwal also.
  • Dr. Rosy Aneja, Dr. Usha Rathi, Dr. Vibha Malik and Dr. Meeta Kansal all practicing doctors in metropolitan cities of the country.
  • Dr. Neeru Nagrath, Dr Mohini Pandey, Dr. Anjana Das, Dr. Manju Jain, Dr. Seema Mahendra, Dr. Reena Mittal Dr. Sukriti Tyagi, Dr. Archana Chahal Dr. Smita Saxena all lecturers in degree colleges .
  • Rakshita, Poornima in Indian Army.
  • Shalini Saxena woring in USA.
  • Babita Singh, Deepmala, Shweta Sain selected in PCS.
  • A long list of teachers, Librarians and office bearers which include our Library incharge Ruchi Agarwal also.